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For Bridal, Baby, School, and Family Heritage keepsakes you cherish,
our elegant archival-quality Bridal Gown & Textile Preservation Boxes, Keepsake Boxes, School Memory Boxes, and Artwork Boxes are scientifically engineered to care for your "family jewels" for a lifetime and beyond.

With both an archivist and museum conservator on staff, Family Jewels uses only "industrial strength" boxes and enclosures that have been customized for home use, resulting in unique kits complete with instructions and tips to easily preserve your most precious treasures. Fitted unbleached cotton covers monogrammed with personalizing details add extra protection from dust and handling and add a touch of elegance!

We've done the work of ensuring your keepsakes' protection and beautiful presentation, so all you need to do is put your treasures in our boxes! Your keepsakes - from bridal gowns and children's artwork to grandma's doilies, antique linens and your children's baby memorabilia will be safe inside our user-friendly preservation kits.

Everyone has a few "jewels" worth caring for! We invite you to experience our high-quality heirloom products that preserve your "family jewels" and delight family and friends with cherished gifts that truly touch the heart.

The Family Jewels Archival Preservation Co.
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